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VISA to Denmark
All about your Visas

Visa Application Centre caters to applications for Short stay Visas and Residence Permits. Passport should be valid for at least three months beyond the intended stay in Denmark and there should be at least two empty pages available in the passport for visa and/or permit sticker and other stamps during the travel. A new passport must be obtained before submission of your application, if the said conditions are not met.

IMPORTANT: Please note that you can also apply for visa to Denmark at the Lithuanian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia with effect from 15th August 2012. Below are the contact details:

0037, 2/13 Babayan Str.
Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

Phone: + 374 10 29 76 80 ; Fax: + 374 10 29 76 81
E-mail: amb.am@urm.lt

Please note: Prolonged passports will not be accepted.

Applications shall be decided on within 10 calendar days of the date of the receiving of an (admissible) application at the Danish embassy. That period may be extended up to a maximum of 30 calendar days e.g. if the application is submitted to the Danish immigration service. Exceptionally, when additional documentation is needed in specific cases, the period may be extended up to a maximum of 60 days.

Citizens of certain countries or categories of certain citizens are subject to prior consultation in one or more Schengen countries before a visa may be issued. The processing time in these cases will usually be 10-12 days as a minimum.

See list of these nationalities and categories of persons in annex 16 to the Visa code Handbook: Annex 16, English version.

For frequent travellers, if a third person represents the applicant, such representative will be asked to follow the authorization process at the time of submission.

Visa Category chosen by an applicant must be based on the purpose of travel to Denmark and the decision must be made by the applicant themselves – Visa Application Centre staff will not be able to assist you taking this decision.

Possession of a visa does not confer an automatic right of entry and that the holders of visa are requested to present proof that they fulfil the entry conditions at the external border, as provided for in Article 5 of the Visa Code.

Embassy of Denmark, Kyiv will return processed passports to the Visa Application Centre in Kyiv. Applicants have a choice to decide on how they would like to collect their passports and / or documents, i.e. by subscribing for a Courier Services at the time of application submission or by collecting it from the Visa Application Centre in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Donetsk, Dnipro and Kharkiv.

The services provided by VFS are optional and not an obligation. Applicants may submit their visa applications directly to the Embassy of Denmark in which case you should contact the Visa Section of the embassy by email at kievvisa@um.dk. A visa application cannot be submitted without prior appointment at the Embassy of Denmark.


Danish embassies and consulates occasionally reject visa applications. These decisions can be appealed to the Danish Immigration Service (newtodenmark.dk).

Embassies and consulates can also choose to present an application to the Danish Immigration Service. Decisions on these applications will be made by the Danish Immigration Service and rejections can be appealed to the Immigration Appeals Board. Rejection of applications for visa to the Faroe Islands and Greenland decided by the Immigration Service can be appealed to the Ministry of Immigration and Integration.


Step 1
Prepare your application and supporting documents: Go to ‘All about your visas’ link on this website and find out details related to the visa category you want to apply for – here, you can find the applicable fee, documents required, Visa application form, Valid passport (Please note that the passport cannot be older than 10 years and has to be valid for at least three months after your scheduled return) and more.

Step 2
Book an appointment to visit Visa Application Centre: To visit Visa Application Centre you need to Schedule Appointment You can book an appointment online or by calling the Call Centre. Details provided on this website to schedule an appointment.

Step 3
Submit your application: Visit Visa Application Centre as per appointment scheduled and submit your completed Visa Application Forms along with required supporting documents.

Step 4
Pay applicable Fee: Submission Officer will advise you on total payable amount and guide you to the bank cashier where you need to pay in local currency (Hryvnia). Receipt will be provided for all payments made at the Centre.